Cambridge CELTA Course Online - FAQs

No. CELTA Online leads to exactly the same certificate as the face-to-face CELTA. Assessed outcomes are the same for all trainees, so there is no need for separate certification. Courses all assessed locally. The assessor observes face-to-face teaching practice and has assess to online materials.

Will the fact that I've taken CELTA Online appear on my certificate?

The Cambridge CELTA Course Online (or CELTA Online) is a flexible way to take CELTA. It leads to the CELTA qualification and is assessed and moderated according to the same criteria.


Like the face-to-face CELTA course, CELTA Online has a significant practical component. Wou will complete 6 hours of assessed teaching practice in groups, and then at least eight times with face-to-face feedback and reflection.

What is the Cambridge CELTA Course Online?



Flexible: You can access the online materials at any time, giving you the flexibility to plan your CELTA work around your other professional and personal commitments.

Accessible: Because only part of the course requires face-to-face tuition, accommodation and travel costs are reduced.

What are the benefits of CELTA Online?

CELTA Online is a blended learning course, with both online and face-to-face elements. Teaching practice is face-to-face and the interactive online materials have a strong practical emphasis.


The course achieves the same objectives as face-to-face courses, i.e. developing effective, principled teaching practice.

How can an online CELTA course contain a practical element?

The course will run over a 3 month period.

How long are the courses?

There are a number of units of online, interactive material based on the CELTA syllabus topics. Forum and 'live room' (virtual real-time classroom) tasks are integrated throughout the course. You work independently or collaboratively on these tasks, with tutor support, evaluation and comment.

How is the online component of the course structured?






levels taught

numbers of teaching practice students

range of lesson types

number of times you teach

length of lessons.

Teaching practice groups are the same as for face-to-face courses in terms of:

You will teach for a total of 6 hours, spread over eight occasions, with peers observing.

Teaching practice will be arranged by your centre either throughout the course or in blocks. You will continue with your online study during the teaching practice phase(s).

How will teaching practice be organised?

The course deposit is nonrefundable, unless the course is cancelled by the course provider. The provider will provide no refunds, credit or admission onto a later course in the event of an early departure, absence or illness once the course begins.

Is my course and/or deposit refundable?